Fleeting Sun Air


Fleeting Sun Air
I see you today
The sun felt warm so suddenly
Again the soft wind caresses
Invigorates so calmly.
Sweating crowding people
Tired voices empty laughters
Exhausting times the raw beautiful
Life love of happiness
Bitter the sweet look in their faces
Sad to see them stare across the wind
Walking off gravity diagonal in hitches
To reboot quench the thirst to refresh.
The fleeting sun air again breezes the orbs
Soak gently my naked skin touch my hair
Like blowing a kiss to a bed of fragrant herbs.
Widowing voices, the crowd, I willed to think of you.
©NDR 7.25.2016

It's quite a life in a senior village, a Leisure World at that.
It's a waiting lobby community, ladder stages of happiness
betrayed by the looks in their eyes. Conversations border around
landscapes, air conditions, thefts and plumbing. But this is life and we've
lived the happiest best part of it. In the village, it's just another day
of pleasant and funny talks about what truly matters at this later stage
of happiness, flowering greens a given, your life partner smiling with you.

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