a restoring moment

  let go the noise
get rid
  of dead leaves
  dead limbs
listen embrace the silence
disconnect empty the mind
focus ahead clear the mind
stay still
breathe in out
hear the
the nothingness
hear the love
  music wind brings
see the smiles
  the flowers give
winter sun warmth
  on your face
fragrant fresh
  morning breezes
the roosting songs
  of small birds
all in the silence
Photo: screenshot candles for meditation

musing the last days of 2020...

Year 2020-Chinese Zodiac the year of the rat.
Rat symbolizes positive things in some eastern cultures. In western countries rat represents plague and death. And we witnessed year 2020 to be just like that-uncertainties and death the world over.

Poem written towards the end of 2020 was a musing about “hope” that the new year will be a beautiful and blessed year having shed the “dead leaves” of the rat year - the sadness, anxiety and the evil virus lurking near and far.

Hoping to turn a new leaf of hope and revival.

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