Heal and Thrive

...let go that you may heal...heal that you may thrive...ndr

This poem  is dedicated to all those whose loved ones passed on. As well as to all who are currently in pain.
Heal and Thrive
        ...embedded in our prayers a miracle to heal and thrive...
With the belief that all things
   must pass
A never ending nightmare
   made a surreal life in all of us
Kept us distant from each other
From all the ones we dearly love
The difficult times we had like
  the devil incarnate
Stalked us in all avatar forms
  they create
More ferocious uglier than the
   ones before
Yes! shall come to pass... will be
   no more
As always in our life we turn our
   energy to faith hope and love
Virtues in the heart of
   humankind a gift from above
Faith in the truth that love
   is perpetually there
The encompassing kindness we
   have for each other
Will keep our faith our hope alive
No matter when and where
   despondencies arrive
Good things we wish to be
   indeed will be coming
As we let go of all the darkness
  the sun lights the way to
  healing and thriving
Upon us is waiting an occasion
On paradise earth and in heaven
We gather evermore strength in
Better days are in the offing
As we continue to ask for
   guidance from above... we pray
That we continue to heal and be
   whole again... that we may
In body and spirit embrace
   happiness as we aspire to
That we may be together again
   the old fashioned way dancing
The dances of life of laughter of
   joy of gratitude in the
   community of caring
Without a shred of doubt in the
  prayers we strive
Upon us is waiting a miracle
   to heal and to thrive
Photo: Sunflowers tapestry/Pinterest

inspired by my other poems of healing and thriving

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