The Wind Shadow

The Wind Shadow
        ...a disturbance...
The shadow giver
The one sphere furnace that keeps
Life on earth ticking like
A Swiss grandfather’s clock
Has risen
Light spread lit up the sky
The burning-orb-facing earth
A benighted moonless cradle
Now radiant in the morning bustles
And there it is
Suspended in space in all its naked glory
In all its naked power unperturbed
For billion years scattering light
A settled equilibrium gas ball
Transmitting white light a wellspring of
The purveyor of all things beautiful
The shadow keeper the shadow giver
Purring kittens’ forever friend
Behind the dark clouds behind the rain
  mists are
Dreamers’ arches of hope
Garlands of rainbows  and streams of
  shooting stars await
Sol Invictus to Constantine
Gossamer fireflies soar ascend
Crowned with fiery red corona
A hades ring fire plasma gas
Shooting a sonic thunderstorm
Panoramic pyrotechnics mesmerise
Spewing heat like a round flame thrower
A thousand cosmic fire dragons dance
Like happy screaming kids would
Hopscotching with rounds of firecrackers
Thrown everywhere on New Year’s Eve
Touching the warmth of your face
Felt a deep connection
An immortality with the sun
Sun rays tempered from the cosmic wind
To a wisp of breeze as transparent as thin as the wings of a butterfly
Fluttering a rose window
Where the genesis light comes in
Broken by the ecclesiastical stained glass prism
Casting color wheels of sacred shadows
The gargoyles again grin chasing out evil spirits
From the cavernous echo chamber of flying buttresses and clerestories
Gothic ribbed medallion rococo ceilings
Where dark shadows hover for ages
Your whole reason for being hope and dreams
Unfurled a dungeon hopelessness
You stay prone on the bed at dawn
From a nightmarish tossing cave dream
All this as you sat in the cocoon of your monkey mind
Breathing in breathing out the moment
Letting go of all the coming and going
Of these images facets of your life
Walking the warm and cold trails of planet earth
A oneness feeling with the shadow of  mortality
As the sun rises disappears the shadow
A detachment moment
All things material must go
As you look up the sky a silver lining appears
A soft comforting breeze kisses your soul
A mist of rainbow arching the sky caught your eye
The clover trefoil leaves of mankind
The flowers of life in the rose windows of firmament
Remain ever a providence
Nowhere in the zone of any
Wind shadow
Photo: ndr Avalon, Pennsylvania

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