...the word the world I know the one universe we all are in together the one paradise we call
earth floating through the air we know as love...breathe the air...be with the earth...you are the universe...ndr

a love of life
the all
all life
on planet earth
a bond among the human race
humanity’s bond with other species
in this world a living paradise
innate spiritually natural love is
from conception a connection a pattern
love to life to love to life
  the altar candle wishes unconfined
from the cloisters of gothic facades
  into the open fields splendor
the magnificent magnanimous architecture
  of life of love
a wonderful world to behold a clement refuge
  planet earth is
under the sun the one energy that gives
  beauty to a grand nature
interior exterior spaces of the human habitats
all life roaming under the warm splendent sun
in and around the lush deciduous and
  evergreen forests
under the resplendent color wheels of the sky
  upon the  meadows of the seasons
the spectrum of wild flowers in and around
  canyons mountains steppes villages
enshrouded by the blazing starry
  van gogh twilight sky
silver glittering precipitation unto the lakes and
  rivers cascading
sparkling waters winding the piedmont
  with the waxing moon
the cool moonbeam along the shores glorious
  incandescent twilights
lustrous crimson sunrises kiss the billowing
  lavender sea waves
warming the gentle translucent winds finding
  their way through the canopies
of the forests trails yonder to alleys of
 concrete and asphalt arrays
the long purple shadows of the sunsets trace
  the chamber songs the  blues of the backstreet bars
music celebrating the smooth flowing legato of the love of life
the love of life
ever the spirit for the better and the good
all pieces staccato by design come together
  fitted whole
a jigsaw connected bonded from chaos
  darkness to light unframed
nothing beyond but love
a love of life
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YouTube Video: Stadtgeklimper @ the zoo 1:41 minutes

a world family

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