Shooting Stars

           Shooting Stars
Our life’s treasure pleasant memories
Snippets shared with friends and families
At lunch time dinner time broad brush strokes
Between bites of delectable food all told
On seasons of joy and thanksgiving dinner
Fantastical travel anecdotes we share
Enjoyed over bazaar collectibles souvenirs
Lazy walks adventures gourmet food we care
Beach resorts happy hours the boardwalks
Dawn to sunrise jogs twilight to dusk walks
Alone or with a loved one or with friends we stroll
Make memories even grander a joy to tell all
We listen to whispers intimate stories con grata
From the lambent eyes of our dear inamorata
Kisses of sweet nothings and white lies at bedtime
Held to heart a blissful moment for a lifetime
Yes we all have fond memories bad ones as well
As fate would have it the bad ones vanish dispel
Let’s fly my love to our rendezvous
To the world together we first knew
Fly back to paradise where our eyes first gleam
Relive remembrances the visions and dreams
Lie down on the meadow kiss wishes to fly
As the shooting stars shower the moonless sky
Tenderly we touch our souls once more and say
I love you my dear you’re in my heart to stay
Photo:100+ shooting stars pictures online

Rhymed versión of the earlier poem with the same title written for a sheltering and healing session Zoom Meet.

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