Halloween Ride

october magic carpet

Halloween Ride
              october magic carpet
Black swans turning into winged color wheel swines
Gather by the pond took flight as the sun morphs into wolf moon shines
Yonder the silver school of sardines spiraling like a string of firecrackers on the sea
Geyser-line the green water zigzag to the red blotchy beach hazy and eerily breezy
Metamorphosed into seagulls over the beach flew far into streaky purpling sky
Boomerang and Behold! blue herons and honking white pelicans fly by
Nature’s flummoxed order repeat the searing sun again waxed into blood moon
A phantasy dream of a revenant clown with a black nose red shun
Risen the Hunter Moon of October smiling over the blue earth a tiny dot among sky grains
Snail walking inching across dodging whizzing asteroid ants’ light speed lanes
Crisscrossing freeways of galactic precious stones and rainbow ufos
Shooting stars sequin from the primordial Big Bang fiery chaos
Through changes and cyclical adaptations through supernatural haunting eras
Smiling Mother Earth still wears always will the primeval four seasons trick treat mascaras
Like zombies tricks at times mundane as an extraterrestrial black and white Jekyll and Hyde
Still a screamer kid treat like a phantasmagorical monstrous sci-fi halloween tunnel space ride
Ah children of all ages of Mama Nature we will for all eternity fly the magic carpet... reminisce
With our angel genie ever ready to grant the dreams longed for and wished
Photo: Mother Earth in the asteroid lane (tv grab).

Savor an all you can eat Sunday smorgasbord brunch with your angel, closest experience to a halloween ride in space. Enjoy the coffee too, and all the rest of October and onward! Take good care.

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