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Mockingbird Songs

The Accents Around The Tower

Mockingbird Songs
           The Accents Around The Tower
Was that a crow or a raven?
A wolf or a coyote maybe a fox?
Seriously a serious accent
And you want fries to go with it?
So many languages dialects
Your father’s your mother’s
Diction stresses inflections
Quietly kept under your tongue
The babel in America
Quieres coffee? Donas?
Say it in English
Please you are asked
And you are from?
Unskilled migrant
Skilled nouveau rich
From the third world
Amber blue green eyes
Are not yours
Dark brown is yours
Pink skin is not yours
All other colors are yours
And the earth is tiny
Smaller than the grain
Of sand against the vast
Universe limitless cosmos
The diverse cosmic macrocosm
Reflected in the microcosm
Of the bazaars the corner stores
The urban the suburban settings
Sustaining keeping in motion
Riding the rising and the setting
Of the stars and the moons
With the beautiful nightingales and
The prolific mockingbirds songs
The accent under your tongue
Ties you together in this world
With the crows and the ravens
In this a multi cultural grain of sand
A speck of dust a precious gift
From Grandmother Cosmos
Your beloved Mother Earth
Inspires nourishes brings you
A lifetime of happy memories
Dreams joy smiles in the infinite
Beauty of Nature you relish and fear
In tranquility with a loved one as always
With friends coyotes wolves foxes
I detect an accent you are called out
Multi lingual like a mockingbird you smile
Iridescent peacock-like you spread wings
Magically rise over the babel around the Tower
Fly majestically... from the bazaar you glide down
And gesture “coffee and donuts anyone?”
Photo: Public Domain, Gustave Dore’s “Confusion of Tongues” during construction of the Tower of Babel
YouTube: The Tower of Babel Song by MDF songs

On my walk in the park a few days ago I met three lovely ladies, had pleasant get to know talk and ultimately responded to “I detect an accent” from one of the good looking ladies. And yes this was not the first time and won’t be the last. I arrived in USA with three languages under my tongue at age 30 with English on top of the three. That makes it four I was not fluent in. And I am having a good time ever since, very comfy with an accent detected. Ha!

Short video 3:39 minutes The Tower of Babel Song. I call it “God is in the Details” (LM van de Rohe). Many towers (skyscrapers) been built and many more are planned since Babel. The song got a nice beat and the graphics is superb.

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