More than a bushel and a peck

Mother’s Day

More than a bushel and a peck
Mother’s month the merry
Bright flowers of May
Blossoming night and day
A gift divine not a time ordinary
Yet we give gifts to mothers
Sweets fragrances and flowers
Usual ones quite mundane
Things trite more of the same
Mothers deserve plenty of love
Grateful how much appreciation
All the care for them we have
Blessed are we giving affection
Simple gestures make for a happy smile
Spend some precious time all the while
Show loving moments of affirmation
That we always have our admiration
From the divine moment she brought us
To this world in great pain hope and love
An unknown place where at times disquiet arises
With full faith she gave her all to you her
A woman with good strong moral character
Confident, stable, courageous, calm temper
Strong as an oak tree anchored providing a longed for home
Resilient as a bamboo bending as the winds along come
Let mothers venture from home bound chores rather uninspiring
Visit art galleries maybe a nice welcoming joyful country fair
To a spa retreat or a walk in a garden of vibrant colors blossoming
Stride with her dance along the wild flowers walking trail
An Afternoon of leisure a movie or a show
She was hoping to see for some time you know
Laughters from  stories told over a lovely dinner
Yes at her favorite restaurant or a classic diner
A quiet time with the lullabies of small birds
Through a pathway canopies rays of gleaming sun
A walk on the beach along the foaming tapering sands
Sweet memories come home and smiles lovingly shared
Always it is a happy special occasion
To value the hard work mothers do
Always  they give care and compassion
Us to give back in a very simple way... go
Give her a love that’s heartfelt and true
Like hers that she keeps and gives to you
This Mother’s Day kiss your Mom on her cheek
A love you can give more than a bushel and a peck
(c)ndr 05.14.2023
Photo: Diana Derringer online

...mother’s day May 14, 2023...

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