the Way of St James

...treading the flat lands...ascending the uphills...easy on the down slopes...as you walk the Way...to an ecclesiastical bearing...a legacy began by a king in year 813...ndr

the Way of St James
the power of faith prevailed
along camino St James
rough land akin to rough seas
mythical argonauts sailed
grit formidable
with God’s gift of resilience
strong and capable
stood still breathed in out
first step of thousands taken
mindful of the route
step out of themselves
encounter God where he’s delved
walk in his shadow
where his spirit’s all
graced and blessings bestowed
upon the faithful
the walk grip control the cane
staff the terrain shine or rain
you tread and love the flat land
happier with the grade down
uphills you groan ascending
punishing laborious
demanding but glorious
ahead waiting a blessing
long past the colliding rocks
truth triumphed over setbacks
vanquished travails of the main
Tau Alpha footprints ingrained
at hand a magnificent
welcoming iconic scene
tall cathedral sky soaring
to ecclesiastic bearing
even more so now
upon all of you blessings
are again bestowed
faith the Saint James way
world legacy launched by a
king set out to pray
©ndr 05.11.2024
Photo: online stock

...poem inspired by the fraternity brothers affirming their faith walking the Camino Santiago de Compostela...

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