One Life

Faith Hope Love

One Life
       Faith Hope Love
One journey one life to live one love to give
A friendship together a trip again taken
At the threshold of a New Year remembrances
Randomly will be made reminisced cherished
Memories from eons past seemingly forgotten
Happily are coming back recalled lovingly
Vague some still bring comforting warm bright
Smiles to a cold dark forbidding cloudy day
Childhood caroling lingering on into
Epiphany forgotten lyrics hummed
In your mind subdued laughs volute out
From the youthful heart of your soul
Joy giggles from deep within you bring
Smiles to a cold dark forbidding cloudy day
A journey in life you live by
Faith and hope and love
The innocence of your youth
You believe not quit you honor
Unblemished pure friendship
Unguarded giving of oneself
Trust born out of love taken
Love born out of trust given
Hope born out of trust and love
It was a time you dearly wished
Carried indefinitely as you old
But like the old man Saturn churning
On the sands you gather what you sow
Into different thresholds you are
Led unfamiliar yet still hope’d bring
Smiles to cold dark cloudy days
You mature the trail becomes rocky
Crooked twists and turns steep slippery
Crossroads forks in the roads ahead
As friendships begin to blemish you pause
Trials setbacks even in successes you air
Your socks out refresh reconnect reboot
As innocence turns to devilish rogue
Step back take heed that those little
Warm and bright smiles will be there
In cold dark forbidding cloudy days
Photo:ndr As surely as the sun sinks in the horizon a morning twilight will be at dawn

Happy New Year!

NB: This poem is dedicated to J Julian “Joboy” Aliling,
a Tau Alpha Fraternity Brother in college, to his happy
memories where he grew up in Taal, and to the memories
he is currently randomly making - the journey of love
circa two millennia ago was similarly taken: Seek the truth.
Go into the world with faith, hope and love.

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