In Step

Strawberry Moon

In Step
   Strawberry Moon
Alpha days into the new year sashaying
Freezing breaths snow blanketing trickling
The big sky layered with ashen morning clouds
Angsts deepen as El Niño is yawning awakening
Over the Tropic of Cancer drifting mood shifting
In step super wolf moon is howling anguish
Desolate screams wailing in the wilderness
Of the charcoal ore sky bleeding blood rust
The earth’s copper shadow upon her cast
Soothsayer Groundhog the crystal ball gazer
Squinted back to his hole the clairvoyant seer
More cold air more diamond sky sequin flurry
In step winds gust to the ides of March wild fury
Look behold bright and early the carrot munchers
In the plains fooled not anyone not any ranchers
Shower droplets curtain filtering the sun in April
To color wheels of May flowers heavenly magical
Shades of rainbow bloom across the lush fields
Fragrances of roses hyacinths lilies gently release
In step calm winds slow dance with rain drizzling
A new start the strawberry moon soon will be rising
Photo:ndr Green night sky green moon in California
Video:You Tube / Penn; 2.24 minutes

Punxsutawney Phil had cataracts surgery and will not see his shadow. Plus green sky and green moon. Sure signs of early Spring.

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