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Phoenix 2021

the flowers of life

Phoenix 2021
            spring of life
Rat Twenty Twenty
  Confusions uncertainties
Deja vu Ox year?
Promising treatment in place
Fear and doubt still linger on
Fear begets doubt yes
  And doubt begets discomfort
Is faith far behind?
As sure as the sun rises
Flowers of life bloom spread hope
A Phoenix spring day
  A resurrection of faith
Strong and triumphant
A renewal redemption
A clearing from forest angst
A predawn spring equinox
Harbinger of all that’s good
The blossoming songs of the    flowers of life
Sweet melody of the murmurings of love
Dawning in the year twenty twenty one
Photo:ndr A flower in our garden expressive of the flower of life... a life connection to all sentient beings. A “rose window” in the garden.

Had resurrected a get together sit-in in the house dinner with family today - an equinox favorite fare. Gorgeous spring day flower of life celebration.

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