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Plastic Earth

Happy Mother’s Day Mother Nature

Plastic Earth
           Happy Mother’s Day Mother Nature
Red terra-cotta Spanish roof tiles cascading
Like terraces of vermilion waterfalls misting
Streaking old rose tints of twilight sky sunrise
Breaking a day a time of joy a life’s new romance
Crisp shades and shadows on Helios sunlit hillside
Facades of cliff hanging white stucco abodes against
A green field with colorful splotches of summertime scents
Flowers flow from humble windows touching the rays of sun
Lining the winding roads of canyons emptying wild flowers
Onto the sea coast into the wide open emerald sea horizon
Homes nestled in the edges of a bluff along the beachfront
A paradise scene framed right out of an artist’s color palette
The foamy shores the erogenous bosoms of the sea
Where the charioteers the sun denizens congregate
Riding the waves under azure sky fading into light prisms
Of the setting sun where Helios awaits all to fly... away at dusk
Eons of times odes-glorified songs by birds and bards
By the hearts expressed by the succinct romance of words
By epic romanticism of celestial medieval faith hope and love
The heavenly aquamarine pristine globe life sustaining garden of Eden
The Blue Planet beloved prized by the Titans and Olympians
The living room playground kitchen sleeping quarters of all beings
In peace as in war Mother Nature there to succor at all times
As humankind now desperate to halt Earth morphing to a plastic orb
A wasteland of smoky landfills ocean gyres of plastic islands
Junkyard shorelines fecal infested tourists white beaches
Acid skyline acid clouds acid rain acid air toxic food land and sea
Society’s affluence and convenience Mother Nature’s headaches
In the cave etching artwork of now extinct creatures one can only wish
A time gone long ago a naked world of freshness pure innocence... But Lo!
The Chariots of the Sun! Helios and his cleaning crew in the pink orient sky
They are back! A new day! Help at hand! Happy Mother’s Day Mother Nature! We love you
* * *
(c)NDR 4.27.2018
Photo: ndr Plastic beads New Orleans

A glass of water , please. And please no straw. Thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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