Giving Your All

A Passion For Love

Giving Your All
             A Passion For Love
You walked your Golgotha passion you stumbled moved on
Through a gauntlet of gorgons Hadean wicked tunnel to no end
A lifetime of faith suffering agony and death many times over
Offered your cheek laughed at scarified spat on the other
You found yourself deep in the soup hell of Satan’s brewing stew
The bottom of the pit with the fallen angels scowling zombies too
Thorn crown marks on your head manifest divinely blood drips seen
The five stigmata revealed nothing less your soul resurrected risen
A new horizon a new sunrise a new beginning a new day
A gift of love you wished cherished a dream before you lay
You are whole again back on your feet heart beating in sync above
The Golgotha passion in you giving your all your life your love
Photo: ndr Avondale purples giving all their love

A passion ... all your life for love.

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