Shadows tapering
       Golden leaves now purplish brown
Bush tits tweeting sleep
Mane nearly gone white sideburns
Silhouettes a golden past
Clouds hover moon peep
     Bats blinded head back to cave
Hoot! Hoot! Round eyes hoot!
Amidst laughter I walked the corridor
On my face arches of uncertainties.
I stopped.
Looked down.
Looked up.
Looked around.
For the first time I heard voices
Amidst laughter faces I adore
Comfort I found arches of certainties.
Love replaces death
                 Hatred never dominates.
Love, hate, common, not
Adore, ignore, both succumb
Love fires to flame, hate ashes.
I picked a stone, yes
It left a mark_ shallow yes
Too deep for a rock
I moved a rock it left a
Mark_deep too shallow for stone
I see and I weep
Upon the shadow you cast
You dreamed too deep
Find it shallow to last
I see and I weep
Upon the glory you reaped
You tried you created
Beyond what was rated
I see, at last I no more weep
You made a shadow of a leap!
Dream always I will
For is not in dream
Realities are created
One’s very being a dream?
I will scale every brick
That made Rock-e-feller
Reduce him to a Poor legend
Against a beautiful Song I will be!
©NDR 7.23.2016 '60s verses

Such a hot day today, a lazy afternoon. This made me put together,
layered, a few verses from the past in the fashion of "sapin sapin"
layering of multi-colored sticky sweet rice cakes Filipinos enjoy as
desserts or snacks.

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