Say Hello To Your Apple Tree

I got to thinking, to the point of being naive maybe or just having a lot of time like everyone else musing about all kinds of things under the sun this Covid 19 sheltering in. Say for instance this one about medical treatment through regimental undertaking that promises positive results despite findings of adverse negative side effects they can cause. Not by any credible background on my part is this post nor within any of my expertise. Literally out of the box. Not anything more than a layman’s musing.

Consider for example “chemotherapy drugs”. Isn’t it a fact that it was meant to kill the bad cells that are out of control, self duplicating rapidly tripping over one another into becoming tumors, harmless and hostile, yet going roque killing, destroying indiscriminately the good cells as well?

In a natural, straight from the mother earth’s womb environment, humans and nature live in harmony in a village kind setting. One is dependent upon the other to at the very least survive. It is a symbiotic existence so to speak, way back since before the apple bite and onwards to date. Mutually beneficial like a true love kind of relationship. Loving family all under one roof. Like natural healthy cells reproducing in kind healthy cells to replace aging dying cells in a natural progression of the cell life, no more no less as needed, and not over producing to become abnormal group of cells that overtime, a long period of non-detection, becomes a tumor in various stages of gravity across different kinds of cancer.

Keyword is “natural”, of and from nature. In a natural environment setting, it has been demonstrated and documented that many vegetation components are beneficial to humans in combatting different illnesses afflicting them. Plant elements or parts that are the basis of some curative and healing medicines are there for the taking. For ages.

The human bodily systems tend to reject non-harmonious elements, medicinal or otherwise, administered to them in small doses or large doses. We vomit for one. And in many cases our support system can not cope with the hostile environment created in the body by the invasive substances that the end result is a prolonged agony.and unchecked malady. Think adverse side effects and allergic reactions that sometimes are fatal. The reverse can be said and expected to have beneficial effects from medicines-applied external support-created from plant based ingredients that are supportive of human body systems in need of strengthening primarily for example the human body’s first line of defense against diseases and aging and abuse-our immune system, our body communal block defense that is in place.

The symbiotic relationship that humans have with nature, a village collective kind, can not be overstated and overlooked. The good news is we have sources of these nourishing medicinal substances as offered to us by nature, not to be confused with homeopathy.

Venture out to your garden of eden and say hello to the flowers. Have an eye contact with the cottontail. Sing in the forest. The trees will hear you. We’re part of their ecosystem under a benevolent canopy. Take a bite of the apple. All is forgiven. A far cry from Adam and Eve is where we are now.

Now if I can only eat my broccoli I’d be okay.

Photo:ndr Aliso Creek Park, Laguna Woods, OC California
Video: “i talk to the trees”, clint eastwood, 2:32 minutes

Seems troubling times are settling down. Advent is around the corner.

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Robert L. Martin
3 mesi

I guess everything good for us is not the best tasting. I always wondered how the people stayed healthy years ago when there was not an abundance of medicines to take. They must have been more reliant on what nature had to offer them. Great essay. Makes us think.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
3 mesi

There was a discovery of a Neanderthal buried with plants I read. Yes the Neanderthals bury their dead according to the article. That in itself is amazing. The more amazing part is that the plants, different kinds, upon examination were found to be medicinal and in fact some are still in use today as basis for today’s medicines. How the Neanderthals and possibly other prehistoric people knew the healing properties of plants and trees and fruits, I have no idea. Maybe gut feeling? But later civilizations like Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese and Indians, etc have documented them.

Fascinating. Glad you like. Thans Robert

3 mesi

Great dissertation Brod. I better watch out the apple don't fall on my head. Or should I? Then maybe my imagination will be refurbished. Like!

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
3 mesi

Wouldn’t hurt. Take a bite, will surely give you more creative juices. But you have plenty of it already.
Thanks for the like, Brod.

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