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Super Black Moon Dance

Black Solar Sky Eve

Super Black Moon Dance
                     Black Solar Sky Eve
And then there is a Black Moon
A New Moon sky mirage on a hot sunny day
Unseen sunlight washed into the haze
A dark super moon shadow to Sun
Setting and rising as Helios is seen dancing with the muses and Selene
Into the night as the four winds spiral
The swollen tides the sea birds unroost
From the ocean depths the dolphins fly
Seahorses and Poseidon with his trident emerge
Mermaids and Neptune carousel waltzing the waves
As all sea creatures circle in crisp splashes of joy
Creatures of the land in polka merry-go-round
Spearing the golden rings of dreams of hopes
Chaos Gods above the canopied compassionate New Moon sky
In awe join the carnivalesque pan fluting cosmos masquerade
All merrily dancing
All feel the spell as Earth and Moon will center the Sun for a galactic Black Solar Sky
                                             * * *

A Super New Moon occurred on the 25th this month. Moon experts say it was the biggest Moon because it was at its perigee to the earth but invisible to the naked eye as the glare of the sunlight washes it out.
Thought I'd write about it juxtaposing mythical gods in a fantasy poem,
their reactions to this galactic event anticipating a grander show -
the Total Solar Eclipse coming in August this year, The Black Solar Sky across the USA.
Photo taken 3rd night of the New Moon, from our patio.

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