The Dance Of Life

Again We Hug

The Dance of Life
“My head is bloody, but unbowed”... W E Henley
Dance me to the accordions
Dance me to the joy of life
Dance me to the resurrection
The four seasons of nine lives
To the rapturous tunes of Syrtaki
Shoulder to shoulder... side by side happiness dance
Kick our feet high alive, embrace and kick some more
Dance me to the pure Bohemian joy to the polka barrel of lively accordion segue of kicks jumps half steps sashays
We got the virus run out of town like a blind bat
Dance me to the folk dances of the world high twirling jumps
With saber and torch lights juggling in rainbow color garments
To a renewed reacquainted vigor of the music and the shouts and the whistles
Not a cloud a cerulean sky over paradise earth bright crisp sunny day
No haze in the amber horizon not a mirage no streaks
We have a clear 2020 view of the skyline as we dance through the sunset canyons
Blown to oblivion
The dark bloodied corona sky of the Reaper
Dance me to the bongo rhythms of the jungles in Manhattan
The music ensembles in the club cafes of LA
In the tropics into the heart of Africa far away from the wet markets of Asia
Tango me to the milongas of the world bars and the dim lit lovers’ rendezvous alleys
Get me back to the center of my being
Refurbish my soul with pure bless-filtered life air
Take me back to the soothing bamboo flutes of the country of heaven along a seemingly
Magical dreamlike foggy morning meadows of the Chengdu Yangtze valley
Sing me the Ode to Joy
Take me to cloud nine with Beethoven once more
Lullaby me again to the panpipes of the lonely shepherd in the hills of The Pyrenees to the miracle waters of Lourdes
Rise to the las glorias at dawn
Sing me Mozart’s Alleluia before
The calm waters of the beaches and bays of the world
And rock and roll me again all day to the joys  of life
And as we slow dance to our souls’ favorite love song
Kiss me into remembering during the silent setting of the crimson sun
Our  fallen brothers and sisters the world over over the virus
And those closest to home our loved ones.
Hugs and kisses again tight with renewed vigor with open hearts
As we take a breath of pure life and hold deepest
Down into our lungs our body accordion
And exhale the powerful music from inside our souls
That others may hear and dance to the sweetest sound of life invictus
Like a blind bat never ever to return we got this virus run out of town
We again smile we again meet again hug the old fashioned way
Photo: Online screenshot from Zorba the Greek movie clip. Living the moment movie.
Video: Ottawa Greek Festival Flash Mob Zorba Syrtaki Dance 8:11 minutes. Pre Covid-19.

Dance to the music and you dance with your soul. You are in the moment as you dance the note. Take good care dancing the dance of life.

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