The Tree Is Risen

A Rainbow Tree of Life

The Tree Is Risen
           A Rainbow Tree of Life
The seemingly fragile branches had broken
           From the beloved tree of life they had fallen
From my family my community of friends
           Beautiful souls gone surely one day each ascends
Four friends four months past
           A brother a neighbor with arm cast
A high school classmate cum laude
           A college fraternity champ a good buddy
Like the four seasons they were cheerful   dreamers
Warm to be with when the day gets colder night lingers
Fun at the corner cafe reciting sharing as always their stories
Told with fervent joy like the choral of the Ninth celestial glories
At the beach on the boardwalk watching a summer chance game
Blazing a pink yellow horizon the sun flashing green never once came
Lost in our days of innocence over cold beer and gin
Reminisce with unguarded laughters the good times
Autumn leaves now falling bright colors once were vibrant green
Pale khaki cornstalk fields yonder reaching out to happier climes
When wind danced with corn tassels spring to summer were golden
Dried and emptied once more like the tall naked trees bald and ashen
Behold a leaf catches a spark of light at the first gleaming of dawn
The pink sky gradually showering sun rays onto the land’s ends
A new day begins birds frisking they sing cats purr stretching down
Fogs lifting and the rivers humming the dew clustering bowing ferns
The bald tree sprouting buds and twigs a blessed miracle panoply
Marrow with the Earth’s blood grow a wide extending verdant canopy
Lo the bark begins to peel a new rainbow skin greets the sun
Behold the milk of life from Earth’s bosom rises to the crown
The fragile branches once more strengthen
The beloved tree of life again is Risen
* * *
Photo: Pinterest/Shutterbug
Eucalyptus rainbow tree

A revival poem - a life reborn, at all times beautiful - truly a wonderful world.
A month ahead yet but it is never too soon: Happy Easter To All!

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