Naked Selfie

The Next Moment

Naked Selfie
        The Next Moment
Self searching we begin
Every minute of our lives
We live in the moment
We breathe the moment
We can not begin to scheme
To be strong without accepting
Our weaknesses our failures
Not recognizing our limitations
Yet we strive for success always
There to meet the challenges at all times
Ahead euphoric ecstatic with high fives
Top of the class the top of the podium
Some cry to be second is to be behind
Third is way down a loser’s dream
Blame is everywhere denials here and there
Self respect is nowhere to be found
Unless we come back to respecting others
Unless we self deny purge the vanity in us
We can never endure not find self respect
Humility remains a static dictionary word
In modesty strange as it may seem
Courage Is deeply embedded naturally
We conquer fear and reluctance
With fortitude and forbearance
The power to accept our shortcomings
Opens our eyes to the beautiful things in life
Being true to oneself we see before us
A selfie of our naked humanness
Ever repentant ever seeking redemption
To be in the moment as always self searching
Banished from paradise lost our Eden we carry on
To live the moment that we hope may bring the next
                               * * *
Photo: ndr Avondale PA

Live the moment Remain humble Be human Do penance Seek redemption
And be happy yes Live and let live! The next moment!

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