Tic and Tac

the beauty and the clown

                       Tic and Tac
       the beauty and the clown
Once upon a time there was a  half wit called Idio
He was so pathetic and lonely didn’t deserve a click
He deserved not the legendary long name Idiopathic no
So everyone just called him Tic as in Idio Tic
Not too long Tic met a sequined long haired girl called Tac
They got along very well became friendly and started touching
Before anyone could guess how they just clicked a cozy act
Tic showed them how gorgeously fit Tac was
...everyone wide-eyed ooh aah... ing
The goddess of beauty that she was Tac stood  game and chic
Nonchalant buff naked cucumber cool on the open shell like Venus risen
So proud sharing her beauty Tic was kicking heels like a king’s court comic
Crowd cheered the clown Idio ultimately deserving the name Idiopathic now given
Tic and Tac had a baby boy Toe
They lived happily ever after
Photo: Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli/Uffizi Gallery

be happy stay happy

poem gelled from a Viber chat group play of words.

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