So alone in your mind, brains shut from the songs of pain.
So long you’ve been waiting, but still the rain never fall.
Trying to recall the senses of yesterday but there are no pictures pasted on the wall. Floors shifting side to side twisting thoughts upside down.Doors shut from the backroom of your lungs.
Heart pounding so hard it shifts the position of your upper ribs.
Silence knocks no words falling on your lips.Eyes blind and tears in motion.You want to stop the bleeding from your wounds but time has eaten its seconds.Headaches making these unpleasant noise and you can’t even shut your ears.
The room so small it makes your fears fart.
Past haunting like a dead house.
Future calling in darkness.
You are trying to run your feet but the sense remains in madness.

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Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

Good description of madness. Well done, Nthikeng


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