Madileng ND

(The devil do.)
He was nineteen.
The only heifer in his kraal.
His age didn’t make him a teen.
His thoughts were too short to be tall.
He was a friend to his mind.
He would sit on his hands until the sunset
His ears were blind
He was too arrogant to bet
He was in love with hate
His mother’s brother was a catalyst to his anger.
His mother was his fate
He had a demon that took his attention like a pretty stranger.
He dragged his uncle’s life to the apocalypse and raped the brains of his mother.
His eyes got thirsty and he decided to drink a methylated liquid to burn his bladder.


This poem is about a boy who was possesed by a demon, a demon that controls his life to the point that he hates his family

story telling

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Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

I feel bad for his parents. Should they still try to love him, thinking that he will change or give him up for fear of their own safety? Does exorcism really work?


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