Poetry In Motion

Nature’s poetry in motion
Performed in hoofbeats of a galloping,
Prancing, dancing horse.
But so fleeting is the rhythm, the verse,
Our human eye cannot discern
The elegance, the subtlety of movements.
Instead we only see the prose
Of hoof, muscle, and sinew.
We look at a horse,
Standing there, up on a hill.
Every bit as dull and disinteresting
As a fence post.
It’s grace and beauty hidden from us.
And we will not ever find it
If we look through the prisms
Of our skeptical mind.
But if you let your soul, your spirit
Reach out and touch
The contours of his strong back,
Comb your fingers through strands
Of tangled, unruly mane,
Run your hands over
Coarse, dun color coat
The horse will lift you up
And let you soar.
Together you’ll fly far and high,
And every dream and wish
Will seem within reach,
Every last worry be swept
Away on the wind.
All it takes is looking past the mundane,
Finding beauty in ordinary.
Once you know how,
You might even glimpse a unicorn
Where an old white horse stood a moment ago.
©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2013

Time and again I keep coming back to the image of a horse carrying me away. From childhood I have loved and admired these majestic, powerful, and graceful animals. Although, to be truthful, in real life I prefer to appreciate them from a respectful distance, as I find the over nine hundred pounds of raw horsepower a bit intimidating.

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