A Tune for the Ages

Live to see
from sunrise to set,
dances of dazes,
how memories collect.
Be it too wrong
to cultivate our instinct?
Ginseng dreams and
twin lovers with hyacinth?
Memories doth fade,
pure honesty declines,
faith falls earthbound,
all consumed by time.
This was a life to me.
Sacred standing entity.
Slept away in solitude
without certain amity.
Not now with time.
Not now, not now.
Not now within
not now without.
Not now with time
not now with time
not now
not now
not now.
Answers don’t answer,
questions don’t ask,
I’ll leave you to life,
your lyrical task.

The narrator is on his/her deathbed and is giving advice to a newborn.

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