Call to action

Fragrance of her expression
keeps me in rumination.
At night, with unconscious
and relaxed demeanor, my thoughts–
oh my thoughts they thrive.
They didn’t survive
due to complacency,
no no it was action
that stirred their lives.
I train the concourse,
I address the emotions
of the crowd in palpable colors
so that they may learn and behave
I came to despise,
not even dare to compromise,
my injured
It is the pattern of the despised
to despise in turn.
It is the pattern of the lowly
to commit an infraction.
It is not becoming, however, of the wise.
And as the name suggests,
the Homo Sapien as
the wise ape,
it can and only naturally should
be an understanding
of this minor of minor major adages.

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