Us, Actually

We shoot for superiority.
The best of the idea,
the winning match and set
game for the domination.
I, with masculine energy,
with feminine intuition,
with human emotion and endurance,
fight the good fight
that my ancestors hoped I would fight
and determine the outcome
for myself,
to live and to laugh and
to love it all, all over
again and again.
I wear the straw hat, the
leather hide, the cotton shirt.
I wear the skin of nature.
We have won it.
Nature provided us
natural transportation with the horse.
We won that.
She also provided us
the companion dog and Bubastis
the god-cat and her litter of felines.
We won this.
And with the right mindset,
we can continue to win this.
And when the universe
dims the lights,
crumbles the buildings and
diminishes the population to silence-
when the universe has done this
it will ask us
who it is that has really won–
and through our silence,
through our ingenuity,
and above all,
through our own resilience,
we will have to say–
"All else be damned,
the battle has gone.
Our winners have died, and
all that really mattered to us
was us, actually."

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