I’m grateful.
Grateful for the words I breathe.
For the times I’ve lived and, in hindsight,
for the greatness of the moments as I lived them.
I’m grateful
for the human connections I’ve made.
For the times I’ve lived with others,
and the enjoyment of kindred company.
I’m grateful
for the loves that I’ve won and
the loves that I have lost.
Of the love for myself that keeps me going.
I’m grateful. Of all things, I am grateful
for you too.
Grateful for the times I’ve had
letting the words writhe up and spurn
I sing the wishing well
of language that cannot bind,
I feel the need to release you,
away from the solitude mind
I'll let you live, I'll let you go.
Dreary is the maintenance of things.
But do not forget, the gratitude bliss
and the interdependence of beings.
It is how a new year is born,
how humanity finds its sacred hope.
With quivering breath, our sacred heart,
rowing the promised expectations and
reoccurring thanks.

Thank you for reading my poetry.

It has, and continues to be, one of my most meaningful pursuits.

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over 3 years

And I'm grateful that I came to Poeticous today to read this beautiful poem. Two thumbs up.

Parker Jennings
Parker Jennings
about 3 years

@Vic: Thanks Vic

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