Caricamento in corso...

watching it go by

pull the towel back out
carefully folding it and
placing back on the shelf
will allow it to grow mold
in able to flavor the cheese
so smooth as it goes down
then when the angle is tilted
it churns, –cod over clod
as it trips over the highway
lodging in the trees ahead
it growled,  the ant
as it considers it’s size
and for a moment, it is
withered and fallen away
as swiftly as you wipe your tears
with the horse’s mane, or tail?
a piece stuck between your teeth
cause the convulsing of the body
as the ants go marching
with the honey held high
sneering at the grasshopper
while being swept away
with the smooth tongue
Quid pro quo
why didn’t i know
that the bee was helpless
with out it’s wings

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