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word rain

i don’t know where they come from
i don’t know where they are going
they have a mind of their own
they speak about UN-understandable things
i sometimes search for them
in cracks and bumps
but don’t know where to look
i don’t know the air in the where
or the smile when one is found
the joy of the bestowed
upon with grape jelly
in your shoes
but one thing i know
is the look you give when
the fear sloshes through your toes
or your nose smells the panting
of the does is heat in the summer rain
dripping off the endorsed check
with six digits, wrung out and wrinkled
a little ironing might refresh the vegetables
enough to sell them, before making soup
hang the salt on the line
it should drip a little - at first
just smile and check the error
it will all smell better tomorrow

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