would, could not

what is the focus
while the continuous diving
off the plank is performed
for art sake’s
the seeping in as moths
flow through the cracks
as dripping honey off the comb
then on a good day
it part’s the sea
only this one is blue
warm in a way as the sun
warms the belly of the petal
but breezy at the same time
like the sign in the busy city
pointing this way and that
which choice—dive?
again and again
as the steps of the escalator
keep taking you some where
you know at the end
that –something is there
to rearrange the layers
so as to fit through the star shape space
as the child smiles while passing it through
an applaud would be propitiate, right now
or another push off the plank
will you feel the cold water with me
or like my knight– come riding on your sea horse
can i play with the hairs on his neck
the sand escaping your fingers
when is it not your choice
do you know how to read this map
you know their is a difference
between a cliff and a waterfall
and the air goes somewhere
while the other plays the thimble
pushing each tread through
as to design a new creature
maybe this time i will get it right
or hide behind it, in disguise
bursting forth as a new bud
would get a standing ovation

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