When it rains I want it to hail,
Just to prove the integrity of this structure won’t fail.
And as scared as I am,
I won’t hesitate.
I’ll leave no questions open to investigate.
I will not sit idly by while cruelty is bestowed,
Upon people from who all good things in this life flow.
Now the time for silence is over,
Because crimes like these
Can turn a heroine addict sober.
Even though I’m drunk with rage,
I am steadfast in my endeavor.
There’s no middle ground here.
You either give forever,
Or you get never.
Because my patience here has ended.
Fearing that my voice will never fall upon the ears
For which it was intended.
In so many words I can never express,
How what was broken has been mended.
But rest assured that what I’ve found will be defended.
So when all is said and done,
I’ll just run on hope you know what it meant.
That you know all of the time I’ve waited and given wasn’t lent.
For this is one of those few rules that just cannot be bent.
After all the pain that I have spent?
This chance that I’ve been given, I have no doubt is heaven sent.


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