Who dares to knock upon my door
At this intrusive hour of night?
O’ it is the heavy hand of the unknown
That stands beyond my sight!
Upon the encroachment of the midnight hour
There comes a rapping upon my door,
But vacant stands my threshold,
As it hath been this way before!
Perhaps solitude doth bring this wraith
That I hear; yet do not see,
Perhaps it is something that seeks asylum,
Or wishes harm to me!
Sometimes it lightly raps with a constant hand,
Sometimes vengeance seems its mind,
But when I quickly open wide the door
A vacant threshold do I find!
What is it that comes from the dark unknown
And up to my door doth creep?
What hammers its madness into my mind
After it wakes me from my sleep?
O’ there comes no lull, nor doth it cease,
And I’m distracted by despair,
Thus this spectre hath brought unto me
More than I can bear!
Who dares to knock upon my door
Upon this intrusive hour of night?
Who dares to wake me from my sleep
And then stand beyond my sight?
O’ perhaps it is a phantom from my past
That hath no form to show,
But what knocks these nights upon my door
I truthfully fear to know!


Gothic Poetry, Terror, Ghosts

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R. L. McCallum
oltre 4 anni

Thanks Vic.

oltre 4 anni

I really enjoyed reading this. I could almost hear the door creak... Great job!

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Vic Benjamin G. Sangalang

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