Breaching silence worries glean
Upon mine nerves as thus they lean
From realms beyond that are unseen,
As nightfall lingers nigh.
Why beget to me this last concern,
As astir the candles onward burn
Amid the hours that slowly churn
Toward the grim and graven chill?
Despair doth thunder upon mine ear,
For outward on I shall forward steer
Toward where the end is yet unclear,
As nightfall lingers nigh.
O’ the shadows shift and turnabout,
Faith and hope are fraught with doubt,
As from this night I am summon’d out
Into the grim and graven chill!
O’ alas, afar I fade from earthly light
To e’er wingéd forth in silent flight,
So dread thee that which lies from sight,
As nightfall always lingers nigh!


Death, Gloom, Despair

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