O’ the black bird this final twilight brings,
He comes this night upon stealthy wings
And thus to this I am fraught with dread,
For darkness knells; O’ whither shall I tread?
Upon the ethereal wind this bird has flown,
Traversing the endless distance of the unknown
And he has transcended a grey December sky
To herald that now my end is nigh!
The black bird keeps against the brumal cold
That this bleak December does now unfold,
And tho’ he does not speak, as to name my fate,
Upon my casement does yet he wait!
Afire are his eyes that thru the darkness light
This my fearful turn into the night,
As withering and waning in his presence be
This craven spirit inside of me!
From where he comes, O’ I fear to go,
Whether godly heights or depths below;
Yet he does not move, as death does creep,
But at an ominous distance does he keep!
O’ upon this my night the bell shall toll,
Then advance shall he to prize my soul
And aloft shall he wing the cold night air
To convey me toward I know not where!


From the novella "The Black Bird": A poet descends into madness while being pursued by a large raven (the symbolic creature of death)

Gothic Poetry, Horror,

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Robert L. Martin
alrededor de 4 años

Great story. Great poetry. Very classical. Great imagery. Well done.

R. L. McCallum
casi 5 años

Yes, Shelly was great. I am also a fan of William Blake and Lord Byron. The romantics were trying to deliver poetry in a new direction; I'm all for that.

casi 5 años

Shelley is my favorite, and Ozymandias is my favorite poem. I wrote a poem "Human Frailty" based on my understanding of the poem.

R. L. McCallum
casi 5 años

Thanks, Vic. The romantic poets were my favourite.

casi 5 años

Nice! Your verses remind me of the romantic English poets.

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