Sans "Human", love letter......A tribute to the art of writing

My  roses  are  etched  in  lead  and  black  ink.
Vines  that  spill  on  to  trees,
quills  that  form, when  I  think.
Thorns  prick  my  fingers,
as  I  proceed  to pick,
I  refill  my  pen,
with the  blood  that  drips.
And  I  continue......
Milky  white  wood,
fell  in  love  with  my  retractable,
Penning  its  woo,
Not  leaving  space  for  skeptical.
Each  word  conjoins,
to  the  next,
adverb, conjunction,
noun  or  ellipses...
how  this  love functions.
Birthing  an  offspring,
of  carbon  black,
endless reproduction,
forests  of  paper  stacks.

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Raven Nicole
presque 4 ans

Thank you so much! I appreciate you taking the time to read my work! <3

Sarana Conradie
presque 4 ans

Love this...


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