It is horrific how some men
Will share their “children”
But will not take care of them
When they are born...
Seizing the opportunity
To be pleasured
Without any protection being  worn.
Those girls who you saw
As “sluts”
Are now incubators for your seed.
You create mothers…….
From your irresponsible deeds.
Your babies won’t see “sluts”,
But big smiles and glowing eyes....
And transformed women
Stopped in their fast paces,
To be attentive to their cries.
You men
Ask your Mothers
How, in this world
You came about....
Pay attention
To those glowing eyes  and big smiles
As they give details
In and out. ❤

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Raven Nicole
Environ 4 ans

Thank you for your feedback Mr. Martin :)

Robert L. Martin
Environ 4 ans

Yes. Some men are totally irresponsible, allright.

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