An empty box. A cluttered Mind.

More and more information fills my brain,
I pull out the sift and I try to drain
all my thoughts my concerns,
outside I complain,
“Bring me to the days where
there was not any rain.”
The more insight that comes in
the blurrier my mind gets, and the messier
the outside world looks, and again I am hooked.
The exhaustion draws me in, I feel passion,
compassion, and sin.
I see myself clawing my way towards
a proposed destiny,
and in the mirror I only see me.
You glance a secret look my way,
only for me. No one else can hither or see.
The universe saw that it was good for me.
Your secret glance adds to more thoughts,
that fill my mind and leave my sanity far-far behind.
You’ll never admit this affection for me it’s only for the
universe to observe and to see.
A secret affair with emotion, not action,
maybe it is a test to see my reaction.
Regardless the drain can only sift so much,
and now I am left with a sleepless touch.
My mind wide awake, sparked with energy.
I wait till tomorrow for what else will I see?

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