Invisible– drowning in the noise.
You talk with such poise.
I went silent– where are the years worth spent?
Soaking up the nostalgia, drowning in my day dreams–
Life is ripping at the seams.
So I sow it back together– or so it seems.
I am not alive– I am not here.
You see me, you speak to me– but I’m invisible.
I walk around– I see what I see, but I am not within my body.
The psilocybin soaks inside my skin, eyes darker than a black
hole– suck me hole.
Colours enlightening, feelings are frightening.
It’s a new beginning.
I clench my body tight in fear my soul will sour tonight.
Find the right body & then sleep tight.
Nothing feels quite right– I’m waiting for the right insight.

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