Fight the good fight

Life has a weird way of
bringing the past back into the present.
Is it just a way to give us hints to avoid
circumstances in the future?
Or are we just cursed in an endless
cycle of our own existence -
that we eventually get used to these
patterns, and learn how to avoid them.
Maybe I am a quitter, or maybe...
I just know when enough is enough.
Maybe I am a coward, or maybe...
I just know when it’s time to walk away.
Im not sure why this happens -
I say I hate the summer but,
I thrive off the sun.
I love the sun,
but I cannot get out of bed.
I am irony.
I need to get better before
the ground freezes over,
and the skies become grey.
I can no longer fight the
fight this way, but
I’ve silenced myself
because it is easier than saying
the truth.
And the truth is -
I feel very much alone.

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