Sold a soul

Pink Floyd - wish you were here

"would you exchange,
a walk-on part in the war
for a lead role in a cage?"

Prologue -
(I kept walking, with my eyes glued straight in front of me.
The sun hit my eyelids and rays of sun fluttered in between my lashes. I was stuck in a trance, and for a moment I felt a weight lift off of me, and hover outside my body.)
Something was trying to escape.——
Moonlight– moon lit meadows,
soft-lit, high heavens.
In the night I have no sight,
for I keep walking towards the light.
The taller the tree, that higher the fall,
what’s unexpected isn’t expected at all.
I keep walking, ignoring the race,
I keep walking as if I’m being chased.
I’ve exchanged my soul,
for a devastating role.
Where I am meant to be,
but I’ve silenced me.
In my dreams, I think of you.
In the day you don’t think of me.
A walking irony.
In the day, the sun does come,
and I will only rise with number one.
Do you crawl back into bed at night,
praying for the lack of sight?
Hoping to get things right.

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