I swear to god I see your face
There’s no one else you could replace
I imagine soft whispers, sweet embrace
It takes me to a better place
I’m hoping I didn’t choose wrong
I don’t want a replay of the same sad song
Please, I want to feel like I belong
I need to believe that I am strong
Sitting in silence I feel the pain
I fall asleep just to feel sane
I need a companion, someone to love
I got no one to pray to “up above”
Maybe the universe has an answer
I get high and use it as an enhancer
I pray to the universe and say give me an answer
Fuck this anxiety I’d rather have cancer

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oltre 1 anno

Free rymes, cool

oltre 1 anno

Thank you, I was in a darker place back then. Confirmed, there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

oltre 1 anno

@CLEMENTINE: you can involve me on things we not here to be wrong about ourselves

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