Over above and the brightest
The Lord ain’t known as the highest
With you I feel the free-est
Now you better let them bitches believe it
Relieve it
Because all I know might be true
Happiness isn’t the new black it’s the new blue
I’m the future you
Better at its finest
Find a place where paranoia can’t find us
Where the lectures don’t blind us
Smoke the herb and it finds us
Rewind thus
To feel free and just
Positivity is a plus
Negativity a minus
The Lord ain’t your highness
I would never wanna be high less
If I was near you I would cry less
Rewind this
So it doesn’t blind us
Because the government might find us
Be kind to us above all and sing a song
Because the universe will end in not too long

Wrote whatever sounded good in my head right after I smoked some herb

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