I am not who I am, I am.

I am not who I am, I am.
Not who you said, or see or know or feel.
I am something beyond the unreal.
A deeper emotion, a denser ocean -
a wave of unwanted commotion.
As the anxiety seemed to fade away
another feeling is here to stay.
A full illusion, a self conclusion.
—You decide what you want to say.
A self deception, a preconception -
a misconstrued identity.
I’ve become something that isn’t me.
Drowning in the thought of you,
pick my skin and fade to blue.
I am nothing to me -
I am nothing to you.
The water rises to the top -
my feelings have become non– stop.
So fast so rapid– they’ve become silent.
I am fading in the present.
To you I just represent, everything that you resent.
Time to feel some guilt and repent.

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