Obviously the known is gone,
Knowing it all then its dawn.
Thoughts fucked up hey now I can’t sleep,
Its so hard I just don’t want to hear a peep.
Obviously you know my name,
However, not my devil’s game.
Maybe there are people out there like me,'
Hearing all the voices, mother nature let it be..
Sorrow hit me and my thoughts evolved,
Hit the road then my thoughts, bang bang, revolved.
Do you love me or not, its a hard call,
When voices are loud and you can feel the fall.
Who am I? Where am I? touching me there,
Right time, wrong person, wrong person, not here.
I think of you and I love you so much..
Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I ain’t jesus
Fighting this disease like I am just eating’ reese’s pieces
Zonk out and I fleet to the beaches,
I cry out and say literally where’s jesus.
It was spiritual for me, but now its blur,
Got the right feeling but the feeling aint hur.
Miss her.

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