speak to me


You are listening to songs, that make me want to read what’s in your head.
I end up with sleepless nights so I resent my bed.
I get high to think of something else instead,
and I meditate to feel like my thoughts are dead.
I don’t know when I didn’t feel this way.
You say something in an instant it all goes way.
We attract what we are,
not what we want,
this is the struggle that haunts.
Try not to taunt me,
be truthful in your words to me.
Don’t disappear like they all do.
They tell me not to get used to you.
I have a curse, meet me once and I’ll get close to you
You’ll tell me everything you never wanted to

Things can change in an instant, you can have this picture in your head of what's to come.
Time is a silent killer. With time new things unfold, a new future to behold.
I miss these moments in the past, and I am struggling to create new memories now.
When I do get a grasp of something, I suddenly feel it seeping through my hands like sand.

Each day has a new narrative and I am a new character. I want to narrate my own life, but I feel like I am not in the driver seat

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