You erased me

The silence has become so loud.
My head feels like it’s a balloon stuffed with cotton.
All I hear is the phone ringing, and your voice.
It replays like a broken stereo, an endless loop.
You erased me, you decided to erase me.
You’d hold my hand when we couldn’t sleep.
You’d lay on my chest when the sun rose.
You stared into my eyes and inspected the colour,
as I brushed the hair from your face.
You’d check in on me almost everyday.
You would hug me goodbye, like it was the last time
I’d ever see you.
Yet you decided to erase me?
I feel so hollow. I feel weak, even thought I know I am strong.
I feel your silence. I can see you in your life, in your room.
All of these realities without me.
I can’t escape you, not in my thoughts, my conversations,
my words, my dreams.
I see you in the trees, the reflection of the sink, I hear you in songs, I see you in films. I see you every time I close my eyes.
I cannot focus. You escaped me, so I cannot escape you.
How can you tell me I’m so great, but walk away from me.
I knew it was too good to be true, and every time I saw you I’d know I’d loose you.
You’d make up your mind so easily, without a care about anything or anyone, and I knew I was the next casualty.
I just never imagined it be like this, I never thought it be so soon.
I keep thinking you’ll come back, yet the longer the days go on..the lest I exist in your life & the less you exist in mine.

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