What peace is

Is this what peace is..
The rushing of the water,
Like white noise.
Everything drowned out.
Clouds turning grey,
Everyone cosy inside.
Is this what peace is..
Dead silence,
Hearing only my breath.
The numbing of my legs,
cross legged on the grass
Is this what peace is..
If it is I don’t want it -
Must I go to the extent
Of being utterly alone
In order to feel free
Is this what peace is..
Nobody to disrupt my thoughts,
No where to really be but here
Writing my thoughts down
Anyways– into the abyss
The sun comes out
Piercing through the clouds
The warmth on my shoulders
Time feels so long
Living like this
The breeze on my face
Everything reminds me
of you
I can’t escape it
Maybe I don’t want to
What’s it like to be you
The memories that
Never haunt you
To be with someone new
Is that what peace is..
Erasing the past
Replacing it
With someone else
Someone new to fill
The dent in your bed
If that’s what peace is..
I don’t want it
I want something real
Something to hold true
Not to fill the empty void
That was you

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