I’ve been trying to silence my mind lately.
How is it that nothing matters, and yet
everything still matters.
As I walk the longest most vigorous
walk, I realize pain is beauty.
I’ve never been above the clouds like this.
I’ve never seen land so vast, and water so blue.
I’ve never put my body through such
a rigorous journey.
I’ve never been so high, never so steep,
never so afraid.
I’ve never tasted food the way I did at the bottom.
Never felt a bed against my back the way I did.
Never tasted coffee so good the next morning.
When I close my eyes I see all of you,
and wonder why you missed me.
Why you even wanted to stay.
As I go back into a more sociably-suited-life-style,
I look at things with such distance.
I can’t sit here waiting anymore.
I can’t sit here wondering.
I am wasting no more time.
I am working on my mind.

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